Disruptive Technologies & Defence Innovations Conference

Conference programme within the Innovation Pavilion at the Future Forces Exhibition


As part of the accompanying program of the Future Forces Forum global networking, the following series of expert conferences and workshops in the field of innovation will take place at the PVA EXPO Letňany exhibition center in October in Prague. Innovative practices and the implementation of disruptive technologies in defense and security are becoming an increasingly important prerequisite for building a safe and resilient society. We believe that all important players from innovation centers, scientific research centers, European Union institutions and NATO structures will be participating in the October program with an international dimension.
An innovation pavilion will be part of the international exhibition at the same location, where the above representatives will have the opportunity to present themselves for three whole days as exhibitors. Representatives of all accelerators, spin-off and start-up entities, clusters, technology hubs and agencies, including university research projects etc., are also invited to this pavilion. This pavilion is designed as an opportunity for technological inspiration to all FFF participants, users and partners. At the same time, it is intended to help define new research tasks and challenges not only for the field of defence and security within the framework of on-site networking.

In addition, the issue of innovation will also extend to other concurrent accompanying programs such as Cyber, C2, Land Forces, Robotics, CBRN & Medical and others. We will also cover the issues of education, commercialization of research results, knowledge transfer, financing, legislation, innovation management, etc.
All participants of the FFF global networking in October in Prague will have a unique opportunity to solve the issue of defence and security in the broadest possible context with the participation of many leading world experts.


PANEL 1: Development of disruptive technologies – opportunities and risks
PANEL 2: Strategic Analysis of Future Warfare to 2050
PANEL 3: Optimizing the innovation ecosystem for security and defence

For each panel, studies will be prepared (FUTURE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, z.ú. together with other partners) which will be simultaneously discussed in individual panels and will be received by each conference participant.
Experts from the security and innovation community from the Czech Republic and abroad will speak in the panels. The list of concrete panelists will be specified during the summer months.


Welcome to the "Disruptive Technologies & Defence Innovations" conference, which is being prepared in cooperation with the Future Forces Forum, CEVRO University, DefenCe and Security Industry Association and other partners.
Defence innovation is not just an expensive luxury. It is a current strategic and operational necessity. As the global strategic and security environment evolves, so must our approaches to national security and defence. This is true both on a national scale and in an international context.
This conference aims to be a signaller that will guide politicians, experts and the public to understand new technologies and approaches, to search for new strategies and doctrines of their use in the creation of security and defence capabilities, as well as to create new forms of cooperation necessary for the further protection and defence of our nations and ensuring our secure future.
In a rapidly evolving global environment where security threats are constantly changing and becoming more complex, rapid innovation is essential to stay ahead of adversaries and effectively address emerging security challenges. However, it is also necessary to perceive the serious threats arising from the irresponsible use of new technologies and innovations based on them.
In short, innovative defence efforts are vital to maintaining security, protecting national interests, and promoting stability in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Pavel Štalmach

Dr. Pavel Štalmach, MBA
Chairman of the conference "Disruptive Technologies & Defense Innovations"


INOVATION WORKSHOP II: Inovations in Defence and Security of the May 22, 2024

INNOVATION WORKSHOP I: "How to effectively transfer knowledge and technology?" of the April 17, 2024


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